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The only data privacy products built with consumers and marketers in mind. Patching the Open Internet one website at a time.

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Earn Rewards for Data with Loginhood

Loginhood rewards individuals for data-sharing and builds privacy tools for websites to manage data law compliance while empowering a better data strategy.


How does giving users control over their data lead to over 25% uplift in conversions? Ask Us!

CCPA Tools: Rewarding Regulation

Data compliance shouldn’t be an extra charge. It’s an opportunity to engage with your site visitors. Install our CCPA compliance platform that collects and rewards your site visitors for sharing data.

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Browser Extension: Earn on Every Page

It's time you earn for your data. Become a Loginhood Panel Member by downloading our Browser Extension and earn rewards for browsing the Internet. Yes, it’s that easy.

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Identity Solutions: Powering Personalization

Loginhood's user-shared data lets you personalize landing pages, advertising and all outreach 1:1 based on the real-time, in-market interests of each consumer.

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