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Earn Rewards for Data with Loginhood

For Individuals

Loginhood Chrome Extension

Make Your Data Earn For You

Advertisers pay data companies to help decide what ads to show you. The extension collects your data, sells it to advertisers, and pays you for the sale. We block other data companies from tracking you. Now you're in control of your data, and earn for it too.


Download our browser extension. Sign up and start blocking in 60 seconds.


We collect your data and block others from tracking and earning money off you.

Get Paid

We sell your data for you. Start earning money from the data you create.

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Background Dots and Dollar Signs

For Businesses

Consent Management Platform (CMP)

Consent Manager

Give your site visitors control of their data. Loginhood’s Consent Management Platform helps you comply with CCPA and create a user privacy-first experience.

Cookie Consent

Customized consent for you and your technology vendors.

User Control

Opt-out as a service. Allow users full control over their cookies and tracking.


We scan your website for active cookies, advertising, analytics, and marketing tracking, and third-party software.

Computer and Voice Listening Device with Dollar Signs