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Data is shaping the way businesses operate. Marketers rely on consumer data, like yours, to create value. Meanwhile, Advertisers are still trying to figure out who you are.


90% of your site visitors are anonymous. Use Loginhood to keep your website compliant with data rights like CCPA. Get up-to-date with the current data protection legislations and avoid potential non-compliance fines.

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Got Cookies?

Cookies help us browse the internet. They help us log into our bank accounts securely, but are also used to track our movements on the internet.

Regulatory advancements are looking to disrupt the cookie. These new laws create a beneficial opportunity for website owners to strengthen their relationship with their consumers.

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User-Centered Data

The Loginhood Consent Manager gives your website visitors the choice to opt-out from unwanted data collection and third-party tracking.

Transparency is key.

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Confidence in Consent

A Consent Management Platform (CMP) is a software that websites across the world can use to protect the privacy of their user, while remaining compliant with all regulations in data privacy law.

Just add a few lines of JavaScript to get up and running.

Get Rewarded For Regulation

CCPA is going to change the advertising and technology industry for good. We do the compliance, so you can focus on your business. The Loginhood Consent Manager consists of three main features: cookie consent, user control, and monitoring.

Cookie Consent

Customized consent for you and your technology vendors

User Control

Opt-out as a service. Allow users full control over their cookies and tracking.


We scan your website for active cookies, advertising, analytics, and marketing tracking, and third-party software.

Is CCPA For You?

CCPA Compliance Approval

Block Cookies and Trackers

Website Cookie Scanning

Secure Privacy

Opt-Out as a Service

Do Not Sell My Data


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