Loginhood FAQ

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Getting started with Loginhood

What does signing up with Loginhood do?

Signing up with Loginhood puts you back in control as the owner and beneficiary of your data. Your data is an asset that belongs to you. Since the internet was created, data has been collected and sold without your knowledge or permission.

How does it work?

Loginhood enables users to consent to and manage their data. Advertisers will buy your data from you while we cut off 3rd party data collectors, limiting their access to your data.

What type of data are you collecting?

From the Chrome Extension, Loginhood collects the pages you visit, the URLs you visit, and a meta description tag associated with the page. This data helps describe what the page is about and/or what products are being featured.

From the Mobile App, Loginhood collects certain keywords typed when our keyboard is in use. These keywords are highlighted within the keyboard bar so you are aware of the terms being collected. We only collect keywords relevant to the specific advertisers.

How do you sell my data?

We group users into different buckets, or ‘segments’, based on their interests. Advertisers then purchase the ability to show a group of users their ads based on relevant interests. For example, a shoe-company advertiser might pay to show their ads to a group of users whose data indicates they are shopping for new sneakers.

How do I know when advertiser has purchased my data?

Loginhood notifies you via email when an advertiser has requested to purchase your data. All information related to the sale of your data will be specified.

How Does Loginhood Pay Out?

How do I make money from Loginhood?

Once an advertiser asks to purchase data, Loginhood facilitates the transaction, manages their approved usage of the data, and then requests payment on your behalf. Loginhood then pays out the users that had their data purchased.

How does Loginhood make money?

Loginhood takes a commission for the data that is sold through the above process. The only time we make money is when we successfully facilitate the process of getting you paid.


How do I get paid?

Right now, a verified PayPal or Venmo account is required in order for Loginhood to send you your compensation when an advertiser purchases your data.

When do I get paid?

Loginhood users get paid after an advertiser purchases your data. Once the data is used, Loginhood collects payment and distributes it to you. The average turnaround time from purchase of your data to receiving your payment will be 30 days, although payment times will vary.

Controlling Your Data

Can I delete my data from Loginhood?

Yes. If you’d like to close your Loginhood account, you can email support@loginhood.io with the subject line “Account Deletion” and we will wipe your account clean and remove all traces of your personal data. Transparency is key, so please let us know if you have any other questions about your data privacy!



Can I choose which advertisers can purchase my data?

Yes! Our aim is to give you complete control over your data in all scenarios. We are hard at work finalizing tools within your account to automate the control of who can purchase your data. In the meantime, you can prevent the sale of your data to any specific advertiser by emailing support@loginhood.io with the subject-line: DATA RESTRICTION REQUEST: [business name]