2020 California Data Rights Ballot Proposal

What’s Going On? On Wednesday, Alastair Mactaggart proposed a November 2020 ballot to help enforce consumers data and privacy protection. Mactaggart was the same data rights activist who helped push the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) into effect. 

If you haven’t followed up on the CCPA, the CCPA requires companies to tell consumers, per request, what kind of data they’ve collected about them. Consumers can also ask companies to delete their data or refrain from selling it. The California Consumer Privacy Act is set to come into effect this upcoming January of 2020.

The newly proposed ballot would require all tech companies, or any company collecting and selling data, to ask and receive permission before collecting any data on all users under the age of 16 and to get consent from a guardian for anyone under the age of 13. 

While speaking to the LA Times, Mactaggart explained, “Companies are not taking their foot off the gas” and a crucial component of the new bill will be to give additional consumer control over what he calls “sensitive personal information”. Your race, bank number, social security number, health care information, are all examples of types of personal data that companies will be denied access to buying. The proposed bill would also create a state funded bureau to enforce privacy protections against these giant tech companies, reinforcing the CCPA. If the newly proposed bill is passed, it will be another clear win and step in the direction of protecting consumers’ privacy.