Data Breaches Across America

Do you know of every single data breach in America? If not,’s Shelby Brown has created a running list of every major security breach and data hack. Not every company that has dealt with data breach and hacking issues is represented, but Brown’s list is comprehensive and includes a lot of the larger breaches previously covered by Loginhood like Capital One and Equifax. Brown’s list includes more notorious data hacks like The Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal, but also of breaches that received less media attention like Zynga’s Words with Friends

Creating a list is a good way to help educate our consumers about some of the bigger data breaches they may not have heard about. It is also a good reminder to stay updated on how these breaches are handled and treated by not only the companies but the government’s reaction. Within the past two months there have been three separate breaches individually affecting millions of consumers.

The three examples: On Sept. 12, Zynga’s Words with Friends disclosed that over 200 million accounts had been accessed by a hacker before September 2. The hacker accessed information like players’ names, email addresses, login IDs and more. 

On September 26, another popular app, the food delivery service DoorDash revealed a breach which affected over 4.9 million customers, drivers, and merchants. DoorDash’s investigation revealed names, email addresses, delivery addresses, order history, phone numbers, passwords and even the last four digits of some users’ credit cards were accessed by a third party during early May.

On August 20, TechCrunch obtained a report from cyber security company SpiderSilk, bringing light to the fact MoviePass left a database containing over 160 million users data and information unencrypted and was subsequently hacked. The company’s database was not password-protected, nor was there any real security and it left customers’ credit card numbers and credit card details exposed.

Again, all 3 of those breaches were within the last 2 months.

If you want to see what other companies were featured, we highly recommend giving Brown’s list a look. It is important to be informed when it comes to these massive data breaches because often the companies hacked are vague and dismissive when it comes to informing affected consumers. Staying informed, constantly changing passwords, and updating account information are little things every consumer can do to help prevent themselves from being affected during these massive breaches.