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Data Privacy Around the World

Protection for the Past, Present and Future

It seems almost every week there is a new story or scandal involving large companies and corporations storing and selling their users data to advertising companies without their consumers consent. Although it may seem ominous at first glance it is actually a good thing because the times are changing, and people all over are undeniably more concerned about their online privacy. Europe recently implemented the GDPR which has already greatly impacted the way general data is now handled amongst big companies. In January of 2020, California is implementing a consumer privacy law forcing companies to reshape the way they manage their users data and many other states are soon to follow. All over the world more people are concerned about their data privacy and Loginhood is leading the charge of putting the user back in control of their own information and data. Loginhood not only prevents these companies from taking any data from our users and doing what they please with it, but we put our users in as much control as they want over all transactions regarding data and personal information. While many people are unknowingly giving away personal and sensitive data about themselves to these agencies for free, we here at Loginhood bring transparency to the entire transaction and directly compensate you for your data. It’s time to take back control over your data and start making these companies pay you for targeted advertisements.