Facebook Watches You Using their App

What’s Going On? If you have the Facebook mobile app downloaded on your iOS device, Facebook is watching you while you use their app. Facebook activates the camera while any user scrolls through their feed. The bug was discovered and brought to the forefront via Twitter. 

Multiple users took to Twitter to voice their opinion and distrust with Facebook, and multiple users also reported being watched by their iPhone camera, showing the bug was not a one off. Facebook is always trying to collect and gather as much data on everyone as they can, but watching people when they’re unaware is highly unethical.

How does it happen? Facebook secretly activates the camera while people are watching videos, looking at photos, or just simply scrolling through their feeds. When a user clicks on a video to watch and makes it full screen then exits out of fullscreen, the exit creates a bug where Facebook’s mobile layout is shifted to the right. In this left open space you can see the phone’s camera activated in the background. The bug only affects users with iOS, not android users.

Even when it seems no one is listening or watching, lots of companies are. This “bug” present in Facebook’s mobile app is just another example of companies constantly surveilling their consumers without any transparency. Facebook is constantly under media pressure for a failure to properly protect their consumers data and privacy, and this bug shows their true intentions.