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Firefox Makes Big Updates

What’s Going on?

Mozilla Firefox has made some drastic improvements and updates to their web browser. The latest version of the browser, Firefox 69, blocks third party tracking companies looking to take data and cookies by default now. This is a giant positive step and one we expect many other companies to take in terms of protecting their consumers privacy. Not only are they blocking lots of targeted advertisements, but they are helping prevent cryptomining and fingerprinting

Why is Firefox 69 different from other internet browsers?

In June, Firefox introduced what they call “Enhanced Tracking Protection”. Over 2,500 cookie tracking third party companies are blocked without any changes in settings or privacy by the user. They give the user different variations of how private and controlled they want their data to be. There is a more relaxed version allowing allow websites to work properly, a setting to block everything causing some websites to break, and a custom setting allowing you to choose certain websites to block.

How do I get Firefox 69?

If you already have a recent version of the browser downloaded, it should be updated automatically, but you can always download the latest version on their website. During the past year, Mozilla has had at least 800 million users, showing just how big of an impact this could have on the data industry. While this newest version of Firefox doesn’t block all third-party tracking software, it is a strong and clear statement by Mozilla that they are seriously concerned with protecting their users data.