Is My Website CCPA Compliant?

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) has officially “launched” January 1st, 2020. We decided we should launch, too. In 2020, here at Loginhood we are focused on bringing #DataRights to the masses. The CCPA can be confusing to figure out and most companies still don’t know if they’re compliant. These e-Privacy laws, like GDPR TCF 1.1, CCPA Version 1, and LGPD are just the beginning. What will the future hold for data privacy regulation? We’re hyper-focused on bridging the gap between the privacy/consent and advertising worlds.


We created a free CCPA Compliance Report that allows you to check your website to ensure that your company has implemented the IAB CCPA Standards, review third party cookies, and view all of the vendors integrated on your website. We wanted to provide a super simple method for CCPA compliance checkup for the data privacy community.


What our CCPA Report Tells You:

  • Scans your website for IAB CCPA US Privacy API Compliance.
  • Reviews all first and third party cookies.
  • Checks the vendors your website has integrated, who may potentially be selling your site visitors’ data.


Loginhood’s Consent Management Tool aligns on transparency between the data collection of consumers and the privacy & ability to manage such data collection. The Loginhood Consent Manager gives your website visitors the choice to opt-out from unwanted data collection and third-party tracking. We manage Do Not Sell My Personal Information requests to ensure CCPA compliance, and provide ways for you to request historical data on your consent management.


The advertising technology industry is changing with the CCPA and GDPR in effect, and we believe this trend will continue to grow. The three major features of The Loginhood Consent Manager are user control, cookie consent, and website monitoring.


For consumers, the user control feature is super important because it allows website visitors to opt out of giving data. It provides the visitor or user with total control over their cookies and transparency to tracking.


For web property managers, the cookie consent and website monitoring features allow compliance and peace of mind. A white label solution for the ever-changing e-Privacy landscape.

At Loginhood, we are working hard to bring data awareness to the people. If you like what we are up to, please share this tweet today and support us on Product Hunt!