Loginhood Launches New Consent Management Platform

At Loginhood, we believe privacy does not have to be a burden to your business or your consumers. The evolving world of data privacy can be an incredible opportunity to engage with your customers in new ways, creating stronger data for your business than ever before. 

Emerging privacy vendors have largely ignored this opportunity. They’ve instead chosen to focus on checking off the bare bones of regulatory requirements and creating a dreadful user experience in the process. 

For these reasons, Loginhood has launched its new Consent Management Platform (CMP), the first data privacy tool that incentivizes site visitors to share more first party data and drives subscription growth, all while managing CCPA compliance. 

Simply put, we’ve made a cookie banner that doesn’t suck. 

First party data collection

Through building our own consumer products, we’ve learned that individuals actually prefer to share data if it helps create a more personalized experience. In fact, marketers have said that personalization through email can increase transactions by 74%. This inspired us to take the necessity of compliance tools and use it as a way for consumers to opt-into further data-sharing for a more curated, personalized relationship with your business. 

Email Capture

Recognizing your site visitors in a way that goes beyond an anonymous cookie is key to the future of marketing. Privacy tools represent one of the best opportunities to engage with consumers and encourage email capture. By allowing them to choose data preferences to inform the content they prefer and products they’re most interested in, there is an opportunity to drive data-targeted subscription growth — all in a process that is directly opted-in from your consumers. 

Native User Interface

Last time we checked, there was no clause in the CCPA that required cookie banners to be ugly. Seriously, here’s the official government portal; there is no mention of aesthetics. So why are other privacy companies insisting on a UI that would make a Web 1.0 designer irate? Loginhood has designed banners that are native to your site experience, creating a welcoming experience for consumers. Because the core of every privacy law is the relationship you have with your consumers. 

Data Compliance

In the same engaging user interface that enables your site visitors to share more data, consumers can also manage all opt-outs and CCPA requests. With out-of-the-box Facebook Limited Data Use compatibility, our tool drives your business forward while mitigating the headache of these new privacy restrictions. The results are speaking for themselves, with 8% of site visitors sharing first party data to help drive your business forward in the privacy era

Register Now to start managing CCPA + Facebook’s Limited Data Use and use it to build an even stronger relationship with your consumers. Contact us if you have any questions, comments, or just want to say hello.