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Other Chrome Extensions are Secretly Taking Your Data

Every day there are more and more studies revealing how many companies and advertising agencies are exploiting anyone with unprotected data. A recent report by Sam Jadali, or DataSpiiexposed eight specific Google Chrome and Firefox extensions of collecting and distributing data of their unsuspecting users.



These eight extensions are Branded Surveys, FairShare Unlock, Hoverzoom, Panel Community Surveys, PanelMeasurement, SaveFrom.net Helper, SpeakIt!, and SuperZoom. All of these extensions at one point could be found on either the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox marketplaces. DataSpii actually presented this information to both marketplaces which prompted them to remove these extensions from their stores. DataSpii still found though after these extensions were removed from the marketplace and stripped of their main functionality, they were still tracking and collecting data. We strongly recommend if anyone has any of these eight extensions downloaded, uninstall them immediately. These extensions collect and sell any sort of browsing data or URLs that reveal private information about users and companies in almost real-time, without your knowledge or consent.



As a Chrome extension company working to protect and put you in control of your data, we dislike these kinds of stories more than most. We know what less-than-trustworthy extensions can do. Make sure to always take caution, investigate the company’s website and know what you are downloading.