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Privacy Awareness in Tech

There’s No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

With over 148 million Americans data breached by Equifax in 2017, the company has seemingly moved past this and continues to actively take part in millions of data selling and buying transactions. TurboTax’s “free” campaign highlights our ignorance in value we give away, when taking part in such services as TurboTax, Facebook, and all other “free” platforms. There’s a big tradeoff for your highly sought after personal data and information, so much so that such companies exist “for free”.




Despite the increase in social awareness and pressure on these companies to take more responsibility for their mismanagement of data, does the consumer care that often such companies have become crucial components of everyday life. Are we willing to live with our privacy being breached?



It’s Up To You

Companies that take part in this have bottom lines to uphold, shareholders to keep happy, and businesses to grow. The big data industry is expected to grow rapidly, with projections of an increase of $42b in 2018, to $103b in 2027. With more diligent protection of privacy and data, what really drives the end-user? Privacy is something of a personal decision, a basic right you get to determine. Don’t you agree with Steve Jobs view on things?