Loginhood Post | What’s Happening With Your Data?

What’s Happening With Your Data?

Will we know what info is being sold to companies? 

Yes! Loginhood will provide all information about which company is interested in purchasing your data, what sort of data the company is looking to purchase, and when companies are purchasing your data. Loginhood will send you an email every time a company purchases your data, what data they are purchasing, and what they are using it for. This is how Loginhood puts you, the user, in control of your data.

How do I control what companies can buy my data?

Loginhood gives you the ability to prevent specific companies from buying and using your data, whenever you choose. Simply email us at support@loginhood.io with the subject line “DATA RESTRICTION REQUEST: [legal name of the Client]”. Our support team will make sure all of your data is restricted for sale to that business.

How is this changing things for me?

The fundamental purpose of Loginhood is to give back control over your own data and earn the monetary rewards others have been making from you. For far too long, large companies have been collecting and storing your data after you’ve visited their websites, browsed one of their products, or essentially any other online action you perform. That information about you is constantly collected and sold to other companies. All of this is done without any of your consent regardless of the information and the data belonging and being about you. An NBC News article revealed that within the first three months alone Google made $31.2 billion in earnings. $31.2 billion and not a single dollar or cent given back to the actual user for their data. With Loginhood, now you can see every single time a company is even interested in purchasing your data, what data specifically they are interested in purchasing, and how much they will be paying you. Loginhood exists to give the people back the power of controlling their own data. If any company wants to advertise to you, they have to pay you first.