Loginhood Identity lets you recognize and personalize for 100% of your customers based on their real-time, in-market interests. Personalize your outreach 1:1 across your entire marketing stack.  

Data powers experiences and personalization like never before. The Loginhood Identity Resolution software helps site-owners identify users in real-time.

Building for a
Cookieless World

No cookies? No problem. Loginhood allows personalization at scale based on data that users have explicitly shared. Seamless integrate our user-shard data across all of your touch points, from landing page optimization to media targeting.

Why Is Identity Resolution Important?

Privacy matters. Plan ahead.

The world of data collection is changing. Loginhood collects data that was specifically intended for sharing. 

Monetize Identification

The power to personalize 1:1 for every customer unlocks potential for +25% revenue uplift. Even for your logged-out and anonymous traffic.

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